How does it work?
Simply, embed our code into your site, apps or technology and start rewarding addictivepoints for actions including registering, sharing, commenting, liking, reviewing, content upload and even purchasing.

After embedding the code into your website an addictivepoints tab will appear. Your visitors can then click the tab to see how to collect points with your website, along with managing their account and redeeming any points collected.

Our API code, your website, interact & shop, points & rewards

How many points do we reward per action? This is totally up to you and the importance of the action, you have full control and at the touch of a button can change the points rewarded for each action. E.g. 5 points for every £1 spent, 1000 points for filling out a survey or 50 points for following you on twitter or Facebook.

What can I use your APIs for? We have three types of API:

  • Generic (to be used for pretty much any action)
  • Engagement, content and data collection
  • Rewarding spend

The generic API can be used to reward points for any interaction from shopping, to achieving a certain level on a game. You embed our code, name the action and then allocate the set number of points.

Engagement, content and data collection: Here you can use addictivepoints for any of the following:

  • Increasing fans and facebook likes
  • Increasing followers and tweets
  • Increasing registrations
  • Rewarding data input, polls, surveys
  • Weekly visits to your website
  • Sharing and recommendations
  • Uploading content

Rewarding spend: Simply decide how many points you would like to reward per £1 spent, add a few lines of code and let addictivepoints increase your loyalty and increase the average spend.

Some Ways to Collect

  • Register with addictivepoints. 250 points
  • Connect to your Facebook profile. 100 points
  • Follow us on Twitter. 50 points
  • Like our page on Facebook. 100 points
  • Watch a video. 20 points
  • Weekly visit to the site. 10 points
  • Enter a competition. 10 points
  • Tweet a link. 10 points
  • Share a link on Facebook. 5 points
  • Comment on an article. 5 points

Plugins Supported (View all)

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Ning
  • Typepad

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